Zerg complaints ceaseless, pressing

Here’s a post from the forums, which unfortunately I have to absolutely agree with. It’s entitled “Why Blizzard is stupid”:

Corrupters can shut down turrets. Blizzard buffs turrets to compensate. They then take away the corrupter’s ability.

Roaches are 1 supply armored tanks that do good damage. Blizzard gives every other t1 unit awesome anti armor to compensate. Roach is nerfed to 2 supply. Awesome anti armor stays.

Blizzard gives stalkers anti armor, they give immortals anti armor. They make anti light reapers and anti light hellions. They remove lurkers for being redundant. Even though lurkers are anti armor and banelings are anti light.

Blizzard makes neural parasite to counter thors. They streamline thors time, cost, and tier placement to compensate. Then they nerf neural parasite.

They nerf the queen’s movement then place hydras in tier 2. Then they make sure that banshees can kill queens 1v1 even though that’s the only anti air zerg have tier one.

They make roaches have above ground healing. The idea is to make your opponent micro by focus firing your roaches one by one instead of attack moving. Then they decide against this and change it so that you have to do extra micro to make your roaches heal.

They leave reaper speed, and concussion grenades at 50/50 but increase overlord speed, ventracal sacks and burrow costs b/c they were “gimme” upgrades.

They give point defense droens “AKA dark swarm” to the most heavily ranged race in the game.

They make terran’s transport unit their healing unit as well, giving them not only the best mobility but the best survivablility.

Blizzard from now on hire a 4 year old to just look over your work. Ask him if you’re doing something stupid. if he says yes then don’t do it.

Having gone through the beta and watched the changes as they were being made, I must say that I was confused by the decisions. However, I was so optimistic about the game and Blizzard that I didn’t question it seriously. Now I look back on it and it seems like Blizzard really did exactly what this fellow is saying.


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Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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