Challenges, other races, and upcoming patch

Thanks to my friend, The G, I have now undertaken some of the Challenges in the single player mode — namely, Opening Gambit and Rush Defense, and achieved “Gold” in both. I also got Gold on the Terran’s spellcaster one, where you are given Ghosts and Ravens.

In Opening Gambit, the trick is to always be making use of your time. Every building creation, supply increase, unit production, and worker building should fit together as close as a well made puzzle, so that your buildings are always producing, your resources stay low (even as the collection rate goes up), and your supply keeps just ahead of the cap. With enough practice I did it, and it helped me to appreciate the tight rhythm of base creation.

Rush Defense is easier, and requires you to hold of waves of attackers before you even have units. Blocking off, exploiting A.I., and attacking with your SCVs are key. It’s also just for Terran, which is sad. Zerg especially needs some advanced challenges to teach how to use them.

Also, I played some more games with my two friends, versus A.I., and tried out Protoss. What an amazing race! Everything about them is effortless, smooth and intuitive compared to the Zerg’s mess and trickery. I actually had real fun playing as them, and until patches and expansions make Zerg more enjoyable, I may stay with them. The supply mechanic (pylons, which also provide power to other buildings) is so easy to remember and manage compared to using up larva for Overlords, which triple as creep-spreaders, scouts, and Overseers. The fact that pylon power works in conjunction with Warpgates feels breezy and helpful, unlike the creep’s speed boost, which requires much babysitting, and only serves to make units feel normal, not stronger.

The upcoming patch was announced. New features, including improvements to the Editor and the Mod community, are supposed to be implemented. Custom games will be improved somehow too. More importantly though, balance changes are en route, and they actually revealed them:

  1. Terran Bunkers and Reapers will take longer to build, in order to prevent their abuse against Zerg, while the Battlecruiser and Siege Tank will become significantly weaker, since they dominate too much.
  2. Protoss Zealots will take longer to build and warp in, discouraging abusive rush tactics.
  3. Zerg Ultralisks will become weaker by a little bit against “armored” unit types, and their useless headbutt attack is being removed.

All around this seems like a step in the right direction. The difficulty in simply building and playing as Zerg will remain the same, but this should prevent early abuse against them which may have been preventing a more natural evolution of the “meta game” strategies.


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