CTRL Key not responding?

Strangely, while playing StarCraft II now, I’ve been having an issue where the CTRL key on the right side of my keyboard doesn’t respond in game!

This means I can’t select units of a certain type without double-clicking or using the left CTRL key. This is the main way that I select which units to place in a Control Group, and micro my units in battle. The strangest thing? It will work at the beginning of a match, then suddenly stop responding later on. I just finished playing against the computer and was happy to see it working, but later it didn’t work.

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? It’s bizarre and totally ruining my play. There’s no point in playing when it has this problem, that’s how much I rely on it. Especially as Zerg, it’s how I normally select Larva.


I have been using a KVM switch to avoid having to switch my keyboard, mouse and monitor every time I want to use a different computer, so I did a test where I plugged the keyboard into the computer instead of the KVM switch. It installed some drivers, and then didn’t seem to have an issue any more. I tested it with the switch, and without. Hopefully it stays fixed.


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