New computer, extra badassness

I mentioned in a previous post that I had bought a $1,250 computer, but when I tried playing StarCraft II I found that it was freezing and crashing, and just doing every task very slowly. I decided to take it to a computer shop with some cool tech guys I know and they informed me that it was a piece of garbage, basically. Power supply, motherboard, and other aspects weren’t able to handle the load despite a good processor and graphics card. They suggested custom-building a new computer with the same approximate price range, and what I ended up with was much better.

I returned the other computer for a full refund, and bought this instead. I’ll spare the statistic barrage.


About Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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