Bumbling defeat in first placement match

I decided to play my first 1v1 Ladder match on Battle.net today, which means a placement match against a random opponent. I picked Zerg and he picked Terran. I had no idea what to build, but I did try to scout!

Zerg scout

I can clearly see that you're gathering minerals!

Through my efforts I learned nothing, but I did temporarily gain the feeling that I was playing intelligently. My stupid drone got caught between some SCV’s, however, and almost died on his mineral line. What a foreshadowing.

The match consisted of me building a couple of zerglings, a couple of Spine Crawlers, and making one of the all-time lamest attacks I’ve ever done.

Here you can see that my entire attack force, consisting of 6 zerglings, was sent against his 3 marines — and yet not quite against his marines:

Zergling fail rush

Yes, target that Factory under construction!

I actually right-clicked on the Factory, apparently, although I didn’t think so. As I watched my poor, delicate doggies get picked off by these Terran bastards, I realized too late that I had made a mistake. All my units died, meaning that unless he was a spectacularly bad player he would win no problem.

Back home I build three Spine Crawlers, anticipating a counter-attack. He scanned my base twice, and with minimal effort prepared a wonderfully simple counter-attack.

Terran opponent builds Medivacs

Notice the difference in workers too.

With three Medivacs and a handful of Marines, his army flew into my helpless base and blasted it to pieces. My misspent investment in Spine Crawlers was practically an invitation, and the fact that I hadn’t been building my economy was a guarantee that any losses I sustained would be devastating. He had 26 workers, whereas I had 11.

I can’t pretend that there was anything unfair about this match, but it was frustrating to lose all those units early on because of one wrong click. Many people are frustrated by the low HP of units in this game, and I can see why. Clearly there was no hope for me anyway though, since I wasn’t keeping pace.

Biggest problem: No build order.


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