Campaign Mode so far

Been playing the SCII campaign mode, and I must say it’s frankly awesome. Having mission options with different incentives and a high degree of customization makes the whole story mode feel robust.

I heard some complaints that it wasn’t impressive enough, though. People say the characters aren’t appealing, and basically expecting more from it. The way I see it, the characters have always been pretty straightforward and simple, but strong. I saw an interview with the voice actor for Jim Raynor, who said that it has that old story feeling to it, like a mythology — that’s a good point, because the game really does emphasize “big and simple” over small and subtle. Writing nowadays tends to be focused on witty, nuanced, or unorthodox characters, but this is more feel-good and epic. The way they handle the “universe” and lore allows the missions themselves to take the spotlight.

I wish the voice acting was better, since a lot of lines aren’t delivered with the right “umph”, but that’s been true of many videogames. I think people were expecting too much of SCII, to be honest, from both multiplayer and singleplayer.

Compared to the original StarCraft and Brood War, this really opens your eyes to the commander life. In some ways that may not be appealing to people, because they want to imagine it their own way. But I can really soak it up. I can tell I’m going to play through a bunch of it again, once I get my sweet new HP Elite computer ($1,250)

Best of all is the totally new functionality for units and buildings, either purchased with credits or unlocked by collecting secret research stuff on missions.

(Spoiler: Actually the best part of all may be the way the game is pointing to the races adopting technology from each other, raising questions of what kind of hybrids and twists there will be down the line in new expansions.)


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