The Plan

My Computer

Now that the game is installed and operational, I’ve played the Single Player campaign a bit and found that my computer actually resets if I don’t turn down the graphics settings. This has happened with several games in the past, including Team Fortress 2. I bought more RAM a few months ago to solve a “low paged pool memory” error, but it seems like it’s time to look at a whole new PC. My hard drive is only a few Gigabytes away from being full, too, which could be slowing things down.

The Game

I’ll be playing Single Player before jumping into multiplayer, naturally. Then I’ll probably play against CPU and ease my way into the real thing. By then there should have been a few patches and tweaks, and the whole ladder should be more “settled”. Getting in early means facing all the really hardcore guys, and total noobs.

I spoke with a friend (who we shall call “The G”) who told me that, when it comes to the proper mentality for RTS, “You just gotta be greedy”. It really struck my mind, even though I found it funny. I realized that I actually haven’t been greedy when I played; haven’t been possessive and domineering like I should be. I think like a guerrilla warrior, doing a lot with very little, rather than swelling and spreading proudly. Thanks for that, man, it may help!

The Name

I went with Mediocrites after all, since it grew on me. Plus somebody remarked on it, which must mean that it’s officially remarkable.


About Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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