Today the Beta will be taken down by Blizzard, and stay that way for a few weeks as they prepare a final pre-release test. Interestingly, they’ve finally responded to the massive complaints about 2.0 and seem to be promising an update to address them. Does this mean we’ll finally get “chat channels” or some new-fangled replacement? Or is the “comprehensive address” only a Public Relations statement?

I must admit, my faith in Blizzard has been diminishing for a while in the face of their silence, while at the same time interviews like this come off as dismissive and ignorant — very unusual for Blizzard. That, combined with bizarre censorship and map publishing problems, doesn’t bode well.

Oh and they also said that after they come back, all the old Beta replays will be useless, which is why I’m pretty happy that I blogged about them when I did. Yes!


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Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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