Beta: Stupid losses

I’ve played a couple of games that I would like to have blogged, but unfortunately underwent a reset, and thus all of my information was lost. So far in playing this time around, I’ve done rather poorly and I have some ideas why.

This particular game was on a map I’ve never played, and I made a bad assumption right away: that the enemy would always be at the furthest point from my start location. Another thing I assumed wrong was that scouting wasn’t important. Don’t ask me why, though, since I know it is.

Blocked choke, wrong corner scouted

He blocks the choke, I don't even scout the correct corner.

In fact I’ve been making huge terrible mistakes these last games and I don’t know why. My money keeps building up while I sit in the dark and waste time; what’s stopping me from actually taking putting stuff into action? This game isn’t worth analyzing in detail, but for the sake of learning I will catalog a bunch of my mistakes.

Without knowing anything about my opponent, his tactics, or even his location, I decide to pump out a ton of Zerglings, and transition into Banelings. Why? Because the last time I was demolished by Thors, and I wanted to try Banelings against them… Yes, it really is that overly simplified and stupid sometimes.

Notice that in the production tab, he’s making Hellions and a Starport, whereas I’m building a Baneling Nest and eight Zerglings? This kind of blind retardedness is just asking for a loss, and that’s exactly what I get.

Once my Baneling Nest is complete and my Zerglings are out, I send them to the WRONG CORNER, mutate, and then backtrack to the correct corner. Funnily, I don’t actually LOOK AT THEM once I reach there, and they all die of course! He has a healthy composition of Hellions and Marines hiding behind his blockade, which are super effective against my units, but I decide to neglect this critical moment for no good reason. I start thinking about Burrow and my base instead, I guess.

My four Banelings are not far behind, and die quickly as well

Actually, I do blow up one of his Supply Depots accidentally, but I’ve lost 650 resources worth of units, and he’s only lost 150. My next move? Get air units, since I have no anti-air whatsoever. For some reason I’m still suspecting Thors, and even though Mutalisks are bad against Thors, I go for them anyway because I don’t know what else to do.

My air units manage to pick off two of his Vikings, but my Corrupter almost dies and I have no followup. I’ve only invited him to go anti-air himself, which means more Vikings. He picks off my helpless stupid Overlords while I’m wasting time trying to upgrade my Lair and expand (since I have so much money) but it’s pointless.

He retaliates with 32 marines, 5 Vikings, 4 Medivacs, and 16 Marauders, by dropping them in the expansion north of my base and breaking down the rocks. I have nothing to defend with at all. He has only one base, and he just built them up and waited for a good timing. He upgraded his Marines, picked off my Overlords, and never broke a sweat.

Zerg is a pain in the ass to play as, I must admit. Their production requires constant usage of the Queen, and even the supply (Overlords) use up the Larva that you spawn. You expend Drones with Extractors and all other buildings, and you can only build on creep — which you must try to expand with Creep Tumors or Overlords. It really takes three times as much effort to run a Zerg base as it does a Terran or Protoss.

Next time I play as Zerg, I need to send a Drone for a scout, tech to something useful earlier on in order to at least supplement the Zerglings, and make a defense worth considering. I also need to pay attention to what’s happening on the map, rather than thinking of my base… But the Zerg base is such a pain in the ass that it’s hard to do.

Learn to fight and fight to learn, eh?


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