Beta: Popular Opinion Right Now

Since the point of this blog is to  chronicle my experience with StarCraft2 I thought it would be a good idea to preserve the “atmosphere” that I dealt with when I first started playing.

I began shortly after Patch 13 was released, just a little while ago. This patch caused to reset all of its user data, leagues, ladders, “Character” names, etc. Due to (I suppose) this stress test, was buggy and its servers kept being unavailable. Many angry players took to the forums to vent their righteous fury:

As you can see at the top of the screen, the administration had to make a special note telling people to stop making threads about the issues Bnet is having. Keep in mind this is a very rare case, since I’ve never seen such a note made at the top of the website. It felt like a flood of hatred, all directed at how terrible is.

Here’s a popular thread about it, which is very moderate and restrained compared to the others. It gives reasons for being disappointed in

Time. 2.0 was the reason that Starcraft was delayed for so long. This generated (unsurprisingly) alot of hype about 2.0. – I mean if it takes so long to make then it must be awesome. Why am I concerned about this. If it took Blizzard so long to make something that is, quite frankly considerably worse than say regular in pretty much all ways, how long is it going to take them to make something that is actually worth using? 2 months to release, 2 years to make what we got. You do the math, doesn’t look good.

The second point is on “Priorities”. This is due to the very recent integration of Facebook:

Blizzard instead decided to add Facebook. I don’t mean to be blunt, but who actually wanted that? Does anyone actually add gamer friends to their facebook account? I have my mom and my wife on facebook I don’t want someone from halfway around the world adding them and being like “Hi I’m Robs friend from the internet”. – Thats just wrong. Priorities. An analogy that Jdanzi put to me on msn actually seems appropriate to sum up this point. “What Blizzard are doing is watering the plants when the house is burning down” – The house being 2.0.

The third point is about how StarCraft 1’s interface was better because it was simpler, as well as having no achievements, and one massive ladder for the competitive ranking. He says it’s stupid to have portraits, “divisions” within “leagues”, and of course the lack of “chat channels”. His conclusion:

Blizzard I hope you read this and I hope you understand that as a consumer I am disappointed in your total lack of understanding your customer and your apparent total lack of forethought when implementing 2.0.

This is the most gentle and understated of all the complaint threads, and yet it still displays a wonderful lack of faith or understanding in how is being made. He doesn’t seem to realize, for example, that the people who integrate Facebook are different than those who implement other features or balance the game. He also doesn’t realize that chat channels will be in the game later on.

This is besides complaints about balance issues. The general consensus seems to be that is made by the devil and will destroy the world.


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