Beta: Game two, I make a funny

This is a screenshot of my second game versus another player, about 14 minutes into it. As you can see I chose to float my base (loaded with SCV’s) into the corner and turtle until he came and molested my innocence. Yes it was a joke match, and I need to start trying, even if it means getting beaten badly. Joke matches won’t entertain anyone for long.

However… I must say that since the ladder reset, even the Practice League is filled with all of the really good players who simply need to  go through the process again. In SC1 it became a huge problem that veteran players started over and demolished newbies for fun, but this system is supposed to make that impossible. Of course this is Beta, and they reset the stats in order to test the capabilities, etc. so I’m not complaining.

I’m just saying, until I actually get to play against somebody on my level it’ll be hard to even take it seriously.


About Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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