Beta: First 1v1 Practice League

Having completed my rush practice versus the Very Easy A.I., I decided to try out some practice league 1v1. I knew I was going to lose, and I did, but I find it hard to tell how big the skill gap between my opponent and I was.

As you can see, I admit that I’m terrible (left screen, bottom). In my defense though, I didn’t realize it was the “Novice” version of Desert Oasis, where these big rocks block the path between you and your foe (right side of the right screen) so I was trying to block off my ramp and prepare for a ground war. Probably the most unorthodox and unrepresentative map you can possibly play, but hey, that’s why I especially don’t feel bad about getting hammered.

If I had known that I would have played my cards differently, you see. For example, I wouldn’t have built a factory, or continued trying to block my ramp while wondering where the enemy scout was:

The game proceeds with me trying to harass with a Reaper and successfully killing three of his SCVs, only to be counter-attacked by four of his Reapers and having my whole economy smashed. I produce a Marauder and fend that off, but another wave shows up and continues to demolish my base. By this time, however, I’ve built a Starport (the reason I got a factory in the first place) and have no money to do anything.

So I float my Orbital Command, land my Starport in his base for fun, and wait for his Reaper army to find out that I landed my base by the High Yield minerals and have begun mining again. When he finally does, I summon the courtesy to say “gg”, to which he says “u”. Watching the replay I can see that he went directly for Barracks and Reapers… and that’s it. It’s only once my base is destroyed that he spend his extra money on a Factory and Starport, but we both knew it was over.

Overall, a fun game that will no doubt set the tone for my StarCraft 2 career! At least I’ll know to check what kind of map it is next time.


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