Beta: A Few Games, Many Problems

I’ve been playing a few games (just versus computer A.I.) in order to familiarize myself with the very basics and test how I fare. The good news is that I consistently outproduce the computer and end up on top; the bad news is that it takes me far too long to make this worthwhile.

There is so much to do in SC2 that I sort of feel proud if I can just keep up with the most routine stuff. Building workers, supply buildings, researching and making the occasional fighting unit occupies my whole time, meaning that I don’t do other important stuff like scouting, control-grouping, using my race’s macro ability, et cetera. I never have my mind on the “big picture”, or feel like I’m in a war. My resources tend to pile up like crazy while my workers sit around. I might expand now and then but having two bases means that my attention is split even more than usual. When I see that I have tons of money I want to just mass produce the most familiar fighting units rather than intelligently construct an army.

Still, it’s exciting and I have some ideas for how to improve.

First of all I want to practice rushing and winning without even increasing my supply once. This means not building any workers, but just using the initial bunch to get enough to make fighters and attack. Then I want to work on making a “build” that will dictate the order of construction in a routine way. That way I will always know what to spend my money on, theoretically. I don’t imagine the computer will be able to put up enough of a fight to stop any of this, but once I have my routine down I might wander into actual multiplayer and get my ass handed to me.

In my most recent match I was Zerg, playing on Scrap Station, and I was constantly making workers and building my economy, but with a small army. The enemy hardly attacked at all and I could have wiped it out at any point, but instead I wasted time with gimmicky scouting tricks and researching. I want to be able to definitively demolish the Very Easy A.I. with any race in order to practice.


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