Beta: Naming While Waiting

As I write this, the servers for are down for maintenance, so I’m thinking of what name I want to use for my character/account, since I hate it when a name doesn’t have a ring to it. I haven’t been able to log in at all yet, since I just finished patching this afternoon.

I want a name that communicates a message: I know I suck at this, and I’m okay with that because at least my name is better than yours. In the early days of Supreme Commander I created a guild called The Bad Guys, which was exclusively noobies and terrible players only; I liked the double meaning of “bad” and so did everyone else. We were the most popular guild early on, in fact. Our guild thread on the community page was several times bigger than the others. People enjoyed the confidence with which we were amateur.

Of course, being amazing at something can cause your name to be respected, even if it sounds stupid/boring on its own (ForGG and Yellow?) and at the same time, there are plenty of players with great names who are stuck at the bottom of the ladders. No matter what you’re name is, you’ll only become respected if you’re good at the game, so it’s best to pick a name that reflects your style or personality, not your supposed ‘skill level’. Personally I like something understated and simple, but a bit clever.


About Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe has earned somewhat of a reputation due to his commendable feats of self-restraint while discussing and analyzing the world around him.

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